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Dawn 22 May 2024
FREE BOOKS ... Kashif Hajano. Kandhkot ... If one is eager to visit a town still as backward in terms of communication facilities as the ancient cities of, say, any civilisation, the Mureed Shakh town in Ghotki district would represent an ideal choice ... Ghotki.

Archaeologists find missing head of Deva from the Victory Gate of Angkor Thom

Heritage Daily 21 May 2024
Image Credit . APSARA ... “The discovery of the Deva statue head adds to the rich archaeological heritage of Angkor Thom and provides valuable insights into the history and craftsmanship of the ancient Khmer civilisation.” ... APSARA. Sources .

ANDREW NEIL: Our university bosses will rue the day they failed to stand up to ...

The Daily Mail 20 May 2024
In our universities, which should be safe spaces of tolerance, civilised debate and humanity, not the generators of intolerance and revivers of ancient hatreds ... This at our most ancient, probably still greatest seat of learning.

We mapped a lost branch of the Nile River – it may be the key ...

Raw Story 18 May 2024
The Nile was at the heart of ancient Egyptian civilisation, and the location of so many pyramids some distance away from the river has until now not been fully explained ... In the past, civilisations fell and rose on its ebb and flow.

1600-year-old mystery discovered in ancient ruins

New York Post 18 May 2024
It stands pristine amid the ruins of an ancient temple ... Evidence of a lost prehistoric civilisation?. Proof of an ancient super-race? ... Ancient origins ... The oldest – a six-line verse – is in the ancient Indian language Brahmi.

International Museum Day 2024: Date, theme, history, significance and all you need to know

Hindustan Times 17 May 2024
... architecture, culture, history and civilisation. Many artefacts housed in museums are open to the public, providing valuable insights into the lifestyles, tools and creations of ancient civilisations.

Ancient connection between Emirati and Greek literature embraced at Thessaloniki Book Fair

The National 17 May 2024
“We, as the inheritors of this ancient legacy, are the proud descendants who cherish the knowledge and understanding that they fostered in Greece and the Arab world, both rich and influential ancient civilisations.”.

From Ancient Marvels to Modern Innovations: Spotlights Current Museum Trends for International Museum Day

The Call 17 May 2024
Whether it's exploring ancient civilisations, marvelling at masterpieces, or listening to new voices, actively works with museum partners around the globe to expand their reach and keep memories alive for generations to come.

Melting pots of culture

CyprusMail 16 May 2024
As far apart as they are, Cyprus and China can be linked by having civilisations that developed through multiculturalism ... It travelled through great civilisations including Persia, India and Chinese civilisations.

Three SC verdicts that uphold democracy

Deccan Herald 16 May 2024
</p><p>The institution has the inherent resilience and self-belief to bounce back and roar, “We are a democracy.” Simply stated, our ancient culture and civilisation are full of the ...

Why ARE our top museums so desperate to hand back treasures they

The Daily Mail 16 May 2024
There are deeper arguments to make, too, including the fact that treasures have moved between civilisations since ancient times ... Advertisement ... The marbles are ancient and complex carvings from one of the most important Buddhist sites in India ... .

Thessaloniki International Book Fair: Why Sharjah’s Guest of Honour role at the event in Greece has global significance

Gulf News 15 May 2024
Dialogue between civilisations ... “During the book fair, the emirate will unlock doors to the ancient Arab civilisation, thereby constructing bridges that convey an Emirati cultural heritage that resonates globally through the Sharjah airwaves.

AI may be to blame for our failure to make contact with alien civilizations

Raw Story 13 May 2024
... into space-faring civilisations? ... This questions why, in a universe vast and ancient enough to host billions of potentially habitable planets, we have not detected any signs of alien civilisations.

The Grand Canal of China takes on a new look

The Malta Independent 12 May 2024
Since ancient times, the Chinese civilisation has been building water engineering projects to rule ...

The 5 most amazing unexplained artefacts that have left archaeologists baffled, revealed - from...

The Daily Mail 12 May 2024
Hundreds of stone spheres up to six feet tall found in Costa Rica, made by the extinct Diquís civilisation ... Internet theories propose that the balls' may have been left behind by aliens or ancient super-civilisations.